The Coaching Association is a network of independent coaches representing a broad range of experiences, disciplines, and backgrounds. TCA coaches offer a range of services to help individuals, teams, and organizations gain the skills and perspectives they need to excel in their current roles, prepare for new jobs and responsibilities, and achieve strategic organizational goals.

Using This Site

Each TCA Coach Page includes a professional profile, contact information and a listing of the coach’s areas of expertise. In addition, we provide a Request Form so that you can contact one, several, or all of the listed coaches with a single request.Interested and available coaches will respond with an outline of their relevant services. Then you select the coach or coaches who best fit your needs and contract directly with them.

For those TCA Coaches whose practices extend beyond one-on-one coaching to include workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking, their pages include that information.

The Coaching Process

In most cases, regardless of whether it is for and individual or an organization, coaching includes two recurring themes – insight and action. Coaches usually employ some form of assessment and analysis to understand the situation, issue or opportunity followed by facilitation of a plan of action. Some of the tools used by coaches include:

  • Assessment & Analysis
    360-degree feedback tools, audits, interviews, competency maps, SWOT analysis, benchmarking.
  • Action Plans
    action learning teams, goal setting, business planning, developmental plans, learning maps.

Coaching is an effective and increasingly sought out tool to help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. The Coaching Association provides an easy way to access talented and experienced executive and business coaches who not only provide insight, but action plans to take on today’s challenges.

Coaching for Individuals

TCA Coaches are available to work with executives, directors, entrepreneurs, and high-potential employees in several different ways. Individuals often seek one-on-one coaching when they are in a career transition such as having received a promotion, changed companies or started their own business. Companies recommend coaching for high potentials and senior executives who are preparing for advancement, working on skills, or taking on new strategic assignments. Having just-in-time support and coaching can accelerate learning, clarify development and enhance performance. Some examples of individual coaching include:

  • Executive Coaching
    building competencies and perspectives critical for success at the executive level.
  • Career Management and Transitions
    navigating a job promotion or change to more quickly reach a level of excellence.
  • Technical Skills and Performance Coaching
    providing practical and hands-on guidance from an experienced coaching mentor.
  • Small Business Owners
    drawing on coaching resources to provide the knowledge and experience you need to grow your company, using coaches as your virtual executive team – there only when you need them.
  • Nonprofit, Education, Government and Military Leaders
    TCA Coaches have experience specific to coaching in these sectors.

Coaching for Teams & Organizations

Companies find coaching to be a cost-effective option for their employees because it is flexible and tailored. Using a variety of outside coaches with broad experiences and backgrounds expands the capabilities of the organization, allowing it to have the support it needs, when it needs it and only for as long as it needs it. When a business executive, the Human Resources Department or a team leader chooses a coaching initiative, they are generally interested in change – change that comes from improving the capabilities and bottom-line performance of a team or of their entire organization. TCA Coaches have worked with large and small companies, nonprofits, governments and other institutions to both create desired change and respond to unexpected change. Some examples of coaching for teams and organizations include:

  • Business Strategy
    bringing in a coach to help review and build your strategy or facilitate your strategic process and team.
  • Innovation
    helping a team or entire organization become more innovative. (Innovation is often a key to business growth.)
  • Culture Change Initiatives
    having coaches involved adds the extra horsepower needed to actually make change happen, since it is often hard to find the internal resources needed for culture change.
  • Succession Planning
    handling succession planning and executive development systems with internal colleagues can be tricky. Coaches don’t share in the organization’s politics and can be objective about the individuals they coach and the organizational opportunities for advancement.
  • Talent Management Systems
    providing outside and independent insights about talent management systems for your organization. (Today it’s all about having the right talent working on the right things to advance your mission.)

Workshops, Programs & Other Event-based Activities

In addition to one-on-one coaching, many TCA coaches offer event-based activities to help the individuals and companies with whom they work. When several people in an organization have the same need, a workshop, teleseminar, webinar, program, or podcast may be an effective way to learn a new skill or perspective. The TCA Tools, Tips and Resources Section lists many of these opportunities. Coaches who custom-design workshops or other event-based activities have a notation on their profile page or you can click here for a listing.

Keynote Speakers

Many TCA coaches are excellent keynote speakers and conference panelists. Those who are available for speaking engagements have a notation on their profile page or you can click here for a listing.